1. On Site Service, $45 per hour per organizer, discounted packages are available

If you are looking for physical help to get organized or to assist with a move, Put To Order offers an On Site Service. A Professional Organizer will visit the location where an on-site assessment is done at no charge. The assessment generally takes under an hour depending on the scope of the project. Following the assessment a custom quote is discussed based on needs and budget.  Most jobs are done between 3-9 hours, depending on the scope.  If interested in proceeding we will schedule future sessions to declutter, organize, pack or unpack the space, depending on the service being provided. 

Then the fun starts! Most sessions are scheduled for 3-5 hours at a time. It is during these sessions that your space will not only be transformed but you can be coached on organizational skills (if you choose to be present) which will hopefully motivate you to continue beyond the sessions. 

2. Do It Yourself Consultation & Report, whole home $135

If you just need to be pointed in the right direction, a Do It Yourself Consultation & Report might be right for you.  A thorough walk through of the space is conducted, while making notes and asking questions to determine the issues. A detailed report providing recommended solutions  would then be emailed with printables. You can then take the report and implament recommendations at your own pace. For partial home or business consulation fees please contact Put To Order for a quote. 

3. Design, $45 per hour

Design work is done for clients when they require minor changes to help make areas function better. Typically this includes areas such as closets, laundry rooms, mudroom, and home office spaces. Put To Order would visit the location, determine functionality issues, discuss wish list, then take measurements and pictures of the space. come up with a design (or two), and list materials for the client based on their budget. They can then take this proposal and do it themselves or Put To Order can facilitate installation assistance. 

Regardless of the option selected Put To Order follows up afterwards to make sure everything is working well. Customer satisfaction is very important to us!