Hi Lisa. I can't believe the change! I feel so amazing already. I am actually looking forward to starting the kid's rooms! (Who would have thought.) I can't thank you enough for all your help with this project. I really appreciate everything you have done. This process is certainly life changing and I am determined to create the habit of less is more.- Jayne Caprara.

Lisa at Put to Order helped me turn an overrun space into a well thought out and organized area that can be used by my entire family. She has an extremely keen eye for space management. A task that would have taken me several months to complete on my own, she helped me achieve in just two 3 hour sessions. She helped me set up a storage system that is functional and user friendly for my entire family. My experience with Put to Order has been extremely positive and stretches beyond our time spent working together. I continue to use the helpful hints and tips Lisa left me with to transform our entire home into a simpler space.- Beata Myatt

Lisa is professional, efficient and dedicated to her customer's satisfaction. I cannot say enough about how much I needed and appreciated her help today! - Sarah Kharaud